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Killing french and european automotive industries.

In the mean time , the recent decision in Europe and France contributes to kill automotivre industry. French and German were at the top technology in diesel with very low emission.

for political reasons they have decided to ban all cars and trucks not having electrical power 2035.

all factories will be in trouble in the next future months with dramatic social consequences.

The same decision have led to this nuclear situation in Europe and in France ' more than half are closed our out of services (27/51 ) as leading country in the nuclear field just by ideology " to save the planet"

We are short of electricity and they decide to move to full electric.... could you understand such stupid decision. Is there a pilot in the plane?

The most stupid is that the european subsidies chineese, Korean, Japonese and american by giving premium to european customer as incentive to replace is thermic by electrical cars.

Catalogue price for middle car is around 40 000 euros minimum . who can afford to pay for such cars. Moreover by experience for a trip between Paris and French riviera around 700 km it cost twice more than diesel and have to refill three times the car .

Please check this before and you will see that they try to sell you a dream ( the electrical car is not a new technology, it exists since 1870 ) .

see my new post and my experience drving a 100% electrical cars . This experience has completely destroyed the pleasure of making tourism in this lovely place CORSICA.


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