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The full electrical car, truck or coach is a nonsense concept that it is fully promoted by politics that have no knowlege of physics and less mathematics. They act purely by dogmatism like they have tried to kill Nuclear as an alternative source of energy.

The problem is that old Europe is in the hands of these types of persons.

The company like TOYOTA is a leading automotive in terms of innovation. They were the first with more than 20 years a head of the next competitors with the Hybrid and its PRIUS.

If you look the strategy of TOYOTA and some of others Manufacturers their strategy is not in full electric but in the hybrid.


Let me tell you my experience of an electrical to make tourism in Corsica last april 2023:

Experience renting an electrical car at Hertz last April 2023 .

My first experience renting a 100% electrical car at Hertz in Corsica was a awful experience. Very surprising that on media not equivalent aventure were related . I rent a car a FIAT 500-e at Calvi Airport in Corsica. I asked the manager that I would prefer a thermic or hybrid and was prepared to pay more to get what I wanted ( my thought is car manufacturer are giving the electrical car at rental cars companies . it is full benefit for rental cars there is no maintenance compared to thermic cars). I was obliged to take this car. first i try to find my car on the parking. the number of the plate was erased on the key . I succeed to enter in a car but was not the good one. I asked for a guy to help me to find the right car.

At the end I succeed to start the car. There was no room in the car to put my luggage even on the rear seats , i Succeed to put my luggage on the front seat by pushing the rear seat.

The guy drop me two electrical cables one with a big plug for "fast" charging weighing 5KG and an other one with standard plug fo charge the battery on domestic network. The two cables occupied 1/3 of the room in the car boot. in any case not space for a standard luggage that you can bring in a plane. ( the carging cable at charging station weighs near 10kg full of copper. Good opportunity for gipsies to get some money by reselling the copper)

I asked the manager at Hertz if i had sufficient energy to reach Porto Vecchio at 200km . He said no problem and even it takes half an hour to charge the battery. My fear was to be without energy to reach a charging station with no idea where I could find a charging sattion.

Let's start: on my dash board 265 km autonomy, enough to reach my destination Porto Vecchio. After 80 km the autonomy was less than 120km . It is true that reach Porto Vecchio I have to pass the mountain with a pass at 700m . I reduced my speed to 45km/h in order to protect my autonomy. I was on holiday and did't care about my speed average that will be at the end 40 Km/h including 1 hour and 10mn to refill the battery at 98%) . The other cars didn't appreciate my low speed making bad gesture to my face ... I didn't care

IN getting down the hill on the other side to reach th East Coast of Corsica I had the chance to refill the battery. IT reminds me the Physical course on Electricity when i was student .

By reaching my destination, i was very stressed with my eyes glued on the dash board trying not to be in the red and maximizing the blue with a very dangerous way of driving and avoiding the brakes on the slopes...

Miracle i found a charging station at Geant supermarket where i try to refill my battery . It took 1 hour and 10mn to reach 98% charging level. paying 14 euros . more than it could had cost with Diesel car at equivalent speed 5 hours to make 200 km/h.

The consequences of this choice of FULL ELECTRICAL CARS are dramtic for all european industries . Europe is losing is total leadership in the automotive industry and will be swept by Asian competitors

When people will realize this non sense , it will be too late....

The problem is the same for Heating companies like WEISSMANN in Germany. Flagship of German industry recently bought by americans with Carrier. No Carbon means stupidity and not this way that will save our Planet Earth .


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