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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

YAAC Industries

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery customized packaging for your application

2015-05-11 10:10:31.0

We can offer state of the art technology for energy with the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery . Please call us and send your project. It will be treated with tmost confidentiality:

might well poitionned for connected items , but also for solar, windmil applications where energy stocking sitll major issue.

could be a new application or replace old lead batteries .

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Many advantages to Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery:

  • life time: x5

  • weight saving 1000Wh/kg compare to 35Wh/kg

  • fast cycle

  • high yield rating 95%

  • power capicity remain stable even for fast discharge

  • safety : no fire , shock proof,

  • greem: no heavy metals or toxic

Unit cells can be produced in cylindars and prismatic in differend size and diameters

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